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Artists For Africa Exhibition 23rd-27th February

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I’m proud to be part of this year’s Artists For Africa exhibition. Held at Oakham Gallery in London, this will be the second time I’ve been involved in this event. This time I will have around ten paintings, mostly still … Read More

The consolation of painting

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I thought I’d share this painting with you. It is a painting that I did when I first moved to Rome after the studio started to take shape and my school was getting on its feet. I guess I felt … Read More

American Artist Magazine

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A few months ago American Artist Magazine came to visit me in the studio to follow up on a limited colour palette method.  View the article online here.Read More

Frank’s bone

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The butcher gave Frank a bone and I put down on a tea-towel so he wouldn’t dirty up everything. But I guess he wasn’t interested in eating it right there and then so he tried to hide it. He spent … Read More

Roman rants and goings on

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Welcome to my first blog! I’ll be posting information about Atelier Canova classes, workshops, painting tours to the country, and all things related to art and living in Rome. Please feel free to comment and discuss things with me, or … Read More