Map and Directions


Atelier Canova,
Via delle Colonnette, 26A
00187, Rome, Italy
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The atelier is located in the heart of downtown Rome between the street of Via Del Corso and Via Ripetta, and Via Antonio Canova and Via Della Frezza. Please be careful not to confuse it with the Museum/Restaurant called Museo Tadolini-Canova in Via Del Babuino. This is a famous landmark in Rome, but belonged to Tadolini, and was not Canova’s studio. Many Romans may mistakenly send you to this location. If you do get lost, ask for the now defunct San Giacomo Hospital (L’Ospedale di San Giacomo) and you will be a stones throw from my door.


From the main train station of “Termini”, take the “A” line metro (“Linea A”) for three stops, to “Spagna” (Spanish Steps). It is a ten minute walk from “Spagna” to my studio. Upon exiting the station, continue straight across the piazza and into Via della Croce. Continue until you come to the cross street, “Via Del Corso”. This is a large shopping street and a pedestrian zone. Turn right onto Via Del Corso and continue going north until you find “Via Della Frezza” on the left. Turn left here, and the first street on the right is my street, Via Delle Colonnette. Number 26A is half way along this tiny street (between two galleries). The doorbell is at the top: “A J Smith-Atelier”.



There is no metro connection from the airport to the city center of Rome. Please take the local train called the “Leonardo Express” which runs non-stop to “Termini” station (€14). Don’t forget to validate your ticket by stamping it with the date and time at the yellow machines at the beginning of each platform. Some conductors might fine you if they are in a bad mood. Once you are at “Termini” station, follow the directions “From The Train Station” explained above.


There is a shuttle service available from the airport of Fiumicino that has two stops: Piazza Cavour and Termini.  The best stop to take for the studio is Piazza Cavour.  Walk back the way the bus came, along Via Vittorio Colonna and over the bridge ‘Ponte Cavour’.  On the left you’ll see the modern Ara Pacis Museum.  From the museum entrance, walk to your left (alongside the museum), and continue until you see Via Frezza on your right. Turn right and Via Delle Colonnette is on the left. The studio is a five minute walk from the Ara Pacis Museum.

Taxi/ Car Service

If you choose to take a taxi from the airport, please take note that there is a fixed rate of (at present) €40 anywhere within the city center zone, and also includes your baggage. Romans are not known for tipping so €5 will make them happy. You will have to look for a taxi rank as Italian taxi drivers are not allowed to stop and pick up customers along the street. Some may, but they will check to see if anyone is looking first! If you would prefer a car service and someone guaranteed to be waiting for you when you arrive, I can recommend Fortuna Car Service. Vincenzo Fuscà charges the same as a taxi (or maybe a few euros more), but he is punctual, he is much nicer than your average Roman taxi driver, his BMW’s are immaculate, and he knows how to drive!


Metro tickets cost 1,50 euro and are valid for 100 minutes. They are good for one train ride but unlimited bus rides within the 100 minutes. You may purchase them at any “tabacchi” (cigarette shop) or automatic machine inside the metro stations. Some metro stations have manned booths… but don’t count on it! It is a good idea to buy a few tickets at the one time if you will be using them infrequently. If you are planning on using the bus or metro system often, look into buying a one-day, three-day or a weekly ticket. These prices vary but there are postings in English at the metro stations. It is not possible to purchase these tickets at a “tabacchi”. Once you board a bus you must “validate” the ticket by stamping it with the date and time using one of the yellow machines at either the front or back of the bus.