This course will not be offered in 2013
Eight sessions per month, from 4:30PM - 7:30PM
Tuition Cost:
On request
Application Deadline:
Two weeks before commencement of class
Basic equipment. A detailed materials list will be sent to you upon enrollment.
Materials required:
All painting supplies and a field (landscaping) easel. International students may opt to have their equipment supplied for an extra fee.
Level of Difficulty:
All levels of experience are welcome
Various locations in the historic centre of Rome.
Class Size:
6 students


This course offers students a great opportunity to experience and enjoy Rome in all it’s glory! It is designed to be a supplementary course to the still life class, but may also be taken as an independent workshop. The challenges of studio painting and painting outdoors are essentially based on the same theories; colour, value and paint application. But theory and execution can be worlds apart! In the morning still life class I will encourage the students to develop up their paintings in a systematic way, with a precise drawing and the careful laying-in of paint. Our afternoons however, will be spent experimenting with these theories and having fun painting the piazzas and monuments of Rome.


Both the still life class and the landscape class will be introduced through an inspiring slide presentation and a look through examples of my work that I have in my studio. The still life class will take place in the studio every weekday morning from 10AM- 1:30PM. Four afternoons a week, we will take our landscape painting gear out to nearby locations and paint for another 3-4 hours. This timetable is designed to allow the students the opportunity to remain “on location” and continue painting on subjects of their choosing, until the light has gone (late evenings and just before sunset is the best time for quick sketches).

Turtle Fountain



All students are encouraged to sign up for this class. But because of the limited amount of easel space at the studio, the class size for still life painting is restricted to four students. The afternoon cityscape class however, can accommodate more students (a total of six), so please consider just painting landscapes for a half day as a possible option.

Fiesole San Domenico, quadro di Andrea J. Smith

San Domenico, Fiesole

Reschio Umbria

Reschio Umbria

Ruins in Rome

Just one of the possible painting locations

Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo

Painting along the Tiber

Painting along the Tiber

The finished painting titled “Ponte Sant’Angelo

The finished painting.