Figure Drawing in Charcoal and White Chalk

November 4 - November 15, 2013
10AM - 1PM Monday to Friday (30 hours)
Tuition Cost:
On request
Application Deadline:
One month prior to commencement of class
Toned paper, white chalk, kneaded erasers, plumb lines and mirrors
Materials required:
Level of Difficulty:
Atelier Canova
Class Size:
4 students


This course may be considered to be the final exercise before beginning to paint the figure in colour. Whilst still working in black and white, the fact that it is done on a toned canvas mimics the painterly approach of adding the lights and adding the darks to a middle ground (the toned paper). All basic drawing elements culminate in this one course; drawing, values (tones), proportions, gesture, form, and light. Please note that a figure painting workshop follows this class from November 18 – 29.

Preliminary stages of a drawing, nude male figure

Preliminary stages of a drawing

Student Drawing of a female nude figure

Student Drawing

Andrea J. Smith's student drawing of a female nude figure

Andrea J. Smith's student drawing


All students will have their own private working space and the model will retain the same pose for the duration of the course (a total of 24 hours of class time). We will follow the same sight-size drawing method learned through the Bargue copies and construct the drawing by paying particular attention in the initial stages to the gesture, the basic proportions and the interlocking of the big shapes. Next we will do a quick value scale to understand the capabilities (and limitations) of our materials. The subsequent modeling of the form results from a solid understanding of line quality and the treatment of hard and soft edges, and the manipulation of value scale or tonal range.


Some Bargue drawing experience is recommended for this course, and any experience in cast drawing will prove useful.

Andrea J. Smith's student drawing of a nude male figure

Andrea J. Smith's student drawing

Charcoal drawing done at the Harlem Studio

Charcoal drawing by Andrea J. Smith