Still Life & Portrait Painting in Oils

Not scheduled for 2013
Tuition Cost:
On request
Application Deadline:
All students will be assigned a private working space including easels and stands. Basic studio equipment such as mirrors, charcoal, plumb lines and some small canvases are provided. Model fees are included in the tuition cost.
Materials required:
All painting supplies and still life props. A more detailed materials list will be sent to you upon enrollment.
Level of Difficulty:
Intermediate to advanced
Atelier Canova studio
Class Size:
4 students
Still life with old kettle and pears

A still life used for composition discussion


This course is designed to teach the students the advantages of a limited palette on two different types of subject matter; animate and inanimate. Flesh is a very difficult subject to paint and it is very beneficial to have the opportunity to learn how to “push” a small select range of pigments to the maximum effect. We will work with a selection of transparent and opaque paints, and explore the contrast of warm and cool colours. Class numbers are small as all students will work “sight-size” when drawing and painting.

A student painting a still life at the Harlem Studio

A student painting at the Harlem Studio

A student's set up and colour study at the Harlem Studio

A student's still life setup


This course is the first of  two “intensive” workshops to be held at the Atelier Canova for the 2010 season. By “intensive” I mean that it is a full time weekday course and runs for a total of 60 hours. We will meet every morning from 10AM – 1PM for the portrait class, break for lunch and resume again from 2PM- 5PM for the still life course. Both classes have a slide show introduction where I will talk about the history and development of each genre and a slide show and demonstration on the steps involved in developing up the painting. Quick colour studies will be made in both courses and I will give you suggestions on how to layout and mix your limited palette of colours.

A portrait in progress at the Harlem Studio

A portrait in progress at the Harlem Studio

A colour study demonstration with sitting girl

A colour study demonstration


Some painting experience is preferred. Students are asked to assemble their own composition in the still life class and I ask that the subject matter is kept simple (no multi coloured fabrics, decorated ceramics or objects that will deteriorate over the two weeks).

A painting demonstration with sitting girl

A painting demonstration early stages

A painting demonstration with sitting girl

A painting demonstration later stages