“There’s no place like Rome”

This workshop will not be offered in 2013
Over 40 hours of painting time, plus five museum tours.
Tuition Cost:
On request
Application Deadline:
Fees cover tuition, accommodation, guided tours and museum entrance. It does not include flights to or from Italy, or travel expenses to or from our location in Rome.
Materials required:
All necessary studio and landscape painting equipment (including a field easel) will be supplied. Students are requested to supply only their brushes.
Level of Difficulty:
Beginner, intermediate and advanced students are all welcome
Rome, Italy
Class Size:
A maximum of 8 students

Corot’s “Isola Tiberina”


This course offers students the best of both worlds – studio painting and en plein air landscape painting. And where better than Rome!

The group will be divided into two classes for the still life painting class and join forces in the early evenings for the cityscape class. Guided tours around Rome and museum visits will be held together. There is adequate free time for you to explore Rome, sketch, visit the more obscure museums, or go shopping! Please note that non-painting partners are also welcome to join us at a discounted rate.

All painting supplies (paints, palettes, linseed oil, palette knives, brush cleaners) are included in the fee except for brushes. Suggestions for these will be sent to you upon enrollment.

Our tour guides are all professionals that have lived and worked in Rome for many years, and we aim to show you the “greatest hits” of ¬†our city’s most famous museums.


We will begin this workshop with a slide presentation where I will give a brief overview of the historical context to still life and landscape painting and explain the process I recommend. We will discuss composition, colour and design. All students will have a booklet with illustrations showing the process and theory behind the class and a detailed materials list; handy for future reference when you continue to paint at home.

We will begin painting on the second day with half the group working in the morning and the other half painting in the afternoons. If you are not in the studio for your class, you will have free time to explore Rome.

The cityscape class will take place as a group and will be held for three evenings (a total of 12 hours) over the course of the workshop. You may of course choose to continue with these paintings on your own time.

Guided tours and museum visits will also be held as a group. We have scheduled five museum visits and look forward to showing you sites that will be both educational and inspirational.

St. Peters